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As a dog owner, it can be difficult feeding a fussy dog, especially if they normally love the food you give them. We’ve got some great tips and tricks to help you get your pooch back on their food and keep it that way!

Give them a time limit

Having a time limit on when their food is available to them will help them to realise that this is their only option. Most professionals recommend a window of 30 minutes from putting the food down to taking it away.

Don’t worry if it takes a little while for them to adjust to this - if they’re hungry they will eat. Try not to let their puppy dog eyes break you down; we know how adorable they can be!

Say NO to people food

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It’s easy to let slip and give your dog a bit of human food now and again. In the long run, it’s not going to help you when feeding a fussy dog.

Make sure you’ve got the whole family on side and all help each other to avoid giving your dog human food. Keeping it separate is also going to be helpful here, with their own designated food area always a good idea.

One way you might hit a barrier when feeding a fussy dog is giving them too many treats during the day. Eventually they’ll think that they can live on those yummy treats all the time! Although they enjoy them, they don’t make up a completely balanced diet; it’s just like feeding kids nothing but sweets.

The best way to combat this is keep a certain amount per day in a container alongside their daily feeding requirements of their main meal. This way the whole family can keep an eye on how many they’ve had.


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Has your pooch experienced a drastic change recently? Perhaps a new house? Family member leaving? This can be a big reason why they don’t want to eat.

Try and make them as comfortable as possible. If it’s a change that can be done slowly or in parts, this may make it easier for them to adjust to.

Feed them Barking Heads!

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