Top Tips for Senior Cats

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As your cat gets to the later years in life, they’re going to need a bit more TLC and understanding. Generally, a ‘senior’ cat is 12 years and over, but the timeline may differ depending on advice from your vet. A number are advising to provide ‘senior care’ from around 7 years old, which classes as their middle age stage. We’ve got some top tips on caring for senior cats as their lifestyle changes.


cat getting their teeth brushed

When caring for senior cats, it’s important to remember that their health is going to change which means some changes in routine may be needed. Make sure you’re taking them to your local vets regularly; it’s always great if they have known your cat for a while so they can spot changes as well. They can then give you helpful advice on keeping them healthy and active at this stage in their life, as well as keeping updated on vaccinations.

Trips to the vets also need to include keeping an eye on their dental health. Get them to give their pearly whites a good clean and brush them at home as regularly as possible.


cat having a shower

Grooming is important at every stage of your cat’s life, but certain elements can change when caring for senior cats. As they get older, just like us, their skin loses elasticity and they can get grey hairs. Invest in a nice soft brush to keep their coat smooth as they may not be able to keep up with grooming themselves.

The other thing you need to keep an eye on is their claws; older cats’ claws will be thicker and longer due to inactivity. Make sure that they don’t get too long and start to curl into their pads as this can be su-paw uncomfortable for them!


cat trying to grab bowl of salad

Commonly, older cats can develop medical conditions that cause weight loss, such as thyroid and kidney disease. If your cat is losing weight, you must consult your vet as soon as you can. On the other hand, overfeeding can also cause health issues and obesity in senior cats and can put unnecessary stress on their body.

Giving them the right food and following a balanced diet is the best way to combat these issues. Our Senior Moments food is specially formulated for older, wiser cats.

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