We all know that dogs love to eat. In fact, you could argue that eating is their favourite pastime; their reason for living (besides making your life a joy, of course).

But the cost of all that food soon adds up. Keeping a dog well-fed isn't cheap, especially if you buy everything in separate transactions. What you need is a system that allows you to provide your precious pooch with the food they crave while preserving your bank balance.


Why Do You Need To Buy Dog Food In Bulk?

Bulk Buy Dog Food

Enter buying dog food in bulk. We think bulk buying dog food is the best idea since sliced bread. And that's good news for dogs because they don't eat bread!

Most owners buy dog food in individual pouches or packets. It's convenient to go along to the shop, pick up a pack of dog food with the rest of our groceries, and then pay for it all at the checkout without thinking about it. But it turns out that we could be missing a trick. The cost of all those individual transactions soon add up, and before we know it, our four-legged friends are doing a stellar job of emptying our bank accounts.

Bulk buying dog food is a great solution, especially for those of us who own more than one dog. Unlike us, dogs don't need culinary excellence. Most dogs are happy to have a similar experience every time they dunk their heads into their doggy bowls. We like to vary the flavours and ingredients at Barking Heads, but no dog expects chef-cooked meals or for us to follow a recipe book.

The fact that dog food lasts a long time also means that it makes sense to buy it in bulk. As owners, we can order a bulk shipment of dog food, put in the pantry, and it will last for months, making bulk buying all the more attractive.

If you haven't considered bulk buying dog food yet, then you should try it out. Bulk buying food could help you save money and also provide your dog with a variety of different flavours to enjoy every day of the week. If nothing else, buying bulk dog food online saves you the hassle of having to write it on your shopping list every week and pick it up from the grocery store.

Buying dog food in bulk is great for another reason too: you always have food in the house for your pooch. Like us, you've probably gone to the cupboard to prepare your dog a meal, only to find it bare. You look down into your dog's forlorn eyes and realise you've got no choice: you can either go to the store to pick up more food or make your dog something from the human ingredients that you have in the house.

Neither option is ideal. If you go for the former, you end up wasting time and spending money. And if you go for the latter, you could run up against training goals or feed your dog something that isn't good for them. But when you buy in bulk, you've almost always got something that you can give to your dog.


Buy Different Flavours In Bulk

Dog food flavours

Who said dog food had to be boring? As dog owners, we know that if given a choice, dogs would prefer to experience a variety of flavours and meats. When you buy wet food in bulk, you can buy lots of different flavours and experiment to see which your dog likes best. If you choose ours, we think your dog will love all of them.

Great flavours to buy when you order in bulk include things like "Bowl Lickin' Chicken," "Fish-N-Delish" and "Top-Dog Turkey."


Bulk Buying: Wet Versus Dry

Wet vs Dry Dog food

As we know, dog food comes in two broad categories: wet and dry. But what are the advantages of buying each in bulk?

wet dog food


  • Tastes great. Dogs love the taste of wet dog food. It's delicious and can be a great way to encourage dogs to eat more. Wet food comes in a variety of delectable flavours that your dog will absolutely love.
  • Use in combination with dry food. When owners buy dog food in bulk, they sometimes like to purchase a combination of wet and dry food. Dogs often appreciate the variety too. A combination diet helps ensure that your pooch gets the full complement of nutrients that he or she needs.

dry dog food


  • Great value for money. Dry dog food lasts for a long time and is cost-effective to produce. Manufacturers use plant products in dry food, helping to cut the cost.
  • Shelf-stable. Dry dog food contains only a small amount of moisture. The low moisture content means that it will last a long time in your cupboard or pantry - great news when you want to buy in bulk.
  • Easily measure portions. The last thing you want is for your dog to overeat. With dry food, it's easy to measure out an exact amount for your dog to eat.
  • Highly nutritious. It's easy for manufacturers to ensure the correct nutrient composition in dry food. Dry foods are highly nutritious and well-balanced, ensuring that your pooch gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy mind and body.


Buying Premium Dog Food In Bulk - Just Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients for dog food

Some manufacturers like to stuff their dog food with cheap ingredients, preservatives, artificial colours and other nasties to keep the cost down. But, just as with people, all these additions can harm their health.

We prefer to take a different approach. We believe that dog food should be all-natural, just as nature intended. Dogs need excellent nutrition to be at their best and avoid health issues.

If you're interested in buying wet dog food in bulk from us, we're running a promotion from the 10th to the 14th of May with promo code:  PW80YBTM. Enter the code at the checkout and start saving today.

Let your dog enjoy our delicious flavours and show them how much you care.


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