There’s been a huge rise in research of the benefits of having an office dog and it’s hard to ignore! Many offices across the globe have introduced a little pooch to their workplace already - including Barking Heads HQ! Is this something you would love to have? Let’s take a look at the reasons you could give your boss to try and convince them.

Increasing Productivity

One of the most talked about benefits of having an office dog is the increase in productivity among employees. Giving team members a reason to have a little break from their desk can refresh their minds and have them come back with a more engaging outlook on their work.

little white dog sitting on office worker's lap

Stimulates Communication

Increases in communication is another one of the great benefits of having an office dog. A canine companion for the office is a perfect way to get people talking. Being in an environment that stimulates conversation between colleagues can only lead to working relationships forming. This can encourage a higher rate of job satisfaction for your team.

Encouraging an Active Lifestyle

Having a reason to promote a more healthy lifestyle in the office or workplace can be beneficial for both the team and the office pooch! Team members can interact with the new dog by doing things like playing or walking them. Working in a place that actively encourages this will lead to the team being more healthy and have more energy.

dog with glasses on a computer

Promotes Mental Well-Being

A little dog walking round the office can instantly cheer people up, especially when they look into those cute little eyes. Keeping stress levels to a minimum and having a friend to greet you in the mornings can start people’s days off the right way. This will spread to everyone else in the office and maintain a level of positivity throughout the day.

Your Dog isn’t Lonely!

We think this is the top of the list of benefits of having an office dog! As well as cheering up everyone in your workplace, your pooch doesn’t have to say goodbye to you for 8 hours a day and is constantly surrounded by love. 

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