Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for the whole family, but some may not know quite what to expect when you become a fur parent.

We’re going to give you some tips on things to expect when your puppy arrives in your home, how to keep them happy and making things easier for you in the long run!

Training and consistency is the key to success!

When your new puppy arrives, your heart is going to be filling up with love but be sure to set a routine from the very beginning. To prevent yourself having to get up throughout the night for toilet breaks or feeding, create set times for these activities and your puppy will soon learn when these times are.

Training is something that will go hand in hand with your new routine to make it work for you and your new puppy. This isn’t something that will just happen instantly, so be sure to have lots of patience and time to spend helping your puppy learn the ways of their new world.

Remember, you’re the leader!

Instinctively, dogs have the pack animal nature running through their veins so it is essential that your new puppy knows that you’re the leader. It can be difficult with a cute little furry face looking up at you, but asserting your dominance is a vital part of your relationship.

Things like aggressive behaviour, taking food from you and being demanding for attention can be signs that your pup is trying to become the alpha. There are many hints and tips for getting around these issues and it’s worth investigating the support in your local area should you need a helping hand.

Be prepared for everything to become a chew toy.

We literally mean everything! Your new puppy is going to want to explore every area of it’s new home and exploring includes learning what everything is by biting it (the cheeky chappies).

Obviously there are some things that you’re going to need to protect them from such as loose wiring, food they shouldn’t be eating and sharp objects. Stair gates are great for keeping your little pup out of areas that may pose a problem for them! There are also chewing sprays and repellents that could save things like your furniture but it all depends on what works best for you both.

You’re going to have to leave them alone sometimes

It’s sad to think that we can’t spend every moment of every day with our dog but it is something that they can learn to cope with to avoid unnecessary stress. Getting them to be self content doesn’t have to start with you leaving the house, designating time for them to entertain themselves can kick off the process.

Items like chew toys that hold treats or music can help to gain their attention and take away from you leaving the house for a little while.

Socialise as much as possible

Getting your new puppy happy to be around other dogs and people is a very important part of bringing them up to be a happy loving pooch.

Take them out to meet other dogs at the park or in your local area and let them interact - just keep an eye on the other dog’s behaviour and noises to tell if they would like to be left alone. Puppy classes can also be a fantastic way to get them interacting with to dogs and people at the same time in a safe environment.

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